Community round-up - FREE customs created by LEGO Napoleonic Wars Fans!

For a non-LEGO theme, the Napoleonic Wars is gaining quite a following,  and this is thanks in no small part to the recent availability of affordable LEGO-compatible models. A supportive community has grown of avid fans who have been modifying their minifigures, creating printable parts and decals, providing MOC instructions, and just generally being awesome!

This blog post is dedicated to those who have recently created such things, and we'll hopefully revisit this as a future blog update!

1. Custom Flags.

If you are recreating a historic regiment, you'll surely be wanting a flag to represent them. You might be luck and have seen the flag you are after recreated! 

Brian Rushforth has been busy creating a vast amount of flags to be carried by your Napoleonic Minifigures, These can be printed to and wrapped around a standard flagpole.

There's a huge amount of flags available, from British, to French (with consideration for different designs over the course of the wars), to Prussians, to Russians and more. You can pick them up from the files section of the Napoleonic LEGO Minfigures Facebook page!

Herbert Lukaszewski has also been busy creating flags, in the more traditional square-format. 

He's created three sizes of flags, including the above Cavalry size, as these would usually be smaller to allow them to be carried by a mounted carrier. He's also demonstrated them printed on canvas. They can be printed from the same location in the files section of the Napoleonic LEGO Minfigures Facebook page.

2. Torsos

Andreas Holzer has been creating a whole range of high-quality custom decals for the Napoleonic Period, covering a wide range of armies including Austrians, which haven't been covered by the Aliexpress range at this point, as well as Bavarians which have only had a brief outing so far. He also has a decent range of British, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Prussian torsos.

British Artillery Decal by Woody's Minifig Customs - Credit: MinifigCustomsIn3D

You can take a look at their work at the MinifigCustomsIn3D page on Facebook. If you're after professionally printed Bavarian torsos, you can also buy these torso decals from Brickstickershop, and he's also been experimenting with the other torsos being printed on Redbubble for around £5 a sheet 
Brian Rushforth has also created a whole host of torso decals which are available for free from the files section of the Napoleonic LEGO Minfigures Facebook page.

The torsos are an excellent compliment to the popular compatible range on Aliexpress and fill out some of the roles we haven't seen released, such as the British General and Officer torsos, which I have used myself in my own upcoming stop-motion animation of the Battle of Talavera, along with the French General torso which I also needed!

Marshal Jourdan (centre left) gives the command for the French infantry advance at the Battle of Talavera, wearing Brian's Marshal torso!

General "Daddy" Rowland Hill (centre right) is seen wearing Brian Rushforth's General torso at the Battle of Talavera. Behind him, an aide wears the officer uniform. 

3.Cavalary Blankets

A fantastic example of something that most people didn't realise they needed is the addition of cavalry blankets. Added to the standard LEGO horse saddle, they really do add to the feeling of this being a horse ridden into the Napoleonic Wars.

Herbert Lukaszewski has been experimenting with printing these on fabric, and has made his designs available as a free download on the Napoleonic LEGO Minfigures Facebook page. I am going to be using the Scots Greys Blankets in my own upcoming Battle of Waterloo stop-motion. 

Sergeant Ewart captures the Eagle at the Battle of Waterloo. You can see the cavalry blanket underneatth the saddle. I also use Herbert's Bearskin plate, and one of Brian Rushforth's flags. 

Brian Rushforth has also been busy making similar blankets out of paper. These ones are a little more streamlined,and can be seen in Brian's photo below.

You can pick up a design file for these at the same location!

4. Drums

One often neglected element of a Napoleonic regiment is the musicians.. Fear not, our community has also made appropriate decals for these! 

Brian Rushforth has created some excellent templates for drums (above) which can be found on the Facebook page. Brian suggests using 10mm thick plastic rod from Aliexpress, but into 10mm lengths. You can read his guide on how to create 

Herbert Lukaszewski has expanded on this slightly by making bigger drums to be wrapped around a standard 2x2 round, and has created a variety of torsos to represent the drummers of various regiments. 

Herbert Lukaszewsk's drummers are ready to beat their regiment into action.


This is just a small selection of the resources available, and we'll hopefully revisit this in a future blog post to see what other wonderful resources have been released. Check out the Napoleonic LEGO Minifigures Facebook group, and whilst you're on the social media platform, don't forget to also follow tbe Napoleonic Bricks Blog page, to be the first to know about posts such as this one!