NEW RELEASE: The Battle of Talavera (1809) Stop Motion animation

This stop-motion animation tells the tale of the main French attack, on the second day of fighting at the Battle of Talavera, on 28th July 1809.

Sir Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington took position on one side of the Portina Brook, most of his force being centered on the hilltop. Rowland "Daddy" Hill played a key part in the strategy, and is known to have only sworn on two occasions. He makes a key appearance in this stop-motion.
The French, under King Joseph Bonaparte took position on the other side of the Portina and over several waves of assault attempted to remove the British from their defensive position. This battle was made famous in modern times by it's appearance in the book and TV adaptation of Sharpe's Eagle, but this is a real account of the battle in this video.

The LEGO Battle of Talavera video is available to watch on YouTube now!



  1. Great job on the video but the blood is a little too much long live the emperor

  2. yes its a good video, very enjoyable, however the gun smoke needs improving, its too artifical looking, perhaps try lego "fire" bricks the small orange ones, as gun flash in futre videos, however its still probebly the best lego nepolionic war video out there, definatly needs to be turned into a series

  3. my favourite part...*"Nat" the british soilder who's oblivious to the fact that he's just had his arm shot off* ooh that was a close one, *anonymous british soilder beside him* umm nat, yer arm... *Nat* ..oh..*Nat dies from bloodlose*,

  4. from my piont off view that characterizes the british infantrymans steadiness under fire and his one true aim, no matter the cost, to do as he was told by his superiors (in this case to be steady and not to run as soon as the first shot is fired


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