Yet More Uhlans! New release on Aliexpress!

 It doesn't feel long since we had our last release of LEGO-Compatible lancers and uhlans, but more are on the horizon! 

In this article, we'll take a look at the first images released of the Brunswick, Vistula, Russian Guard and Prussian Silesian Ulhans, and consider their history. You can now buy them (18/02/2024) through the affiliate links listed on this page. 

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Brunswick Uhlan 

The Brunswick Uhlans, were a cavalry regiment from the Duchy of Brunswick during the Napoleonic Wars. They were part of the larger Brunswick contingent that fought alongside various European powers against Napoleon Bonaparte's forces. Amongst other campaigns, they were present at Waterloo.

The Brunswick Uhlans were renowned for their distinctive uniforms, which included a czapka adorned with a skull and crossbones, and a light blue uniform over black. The figure here seems to be overall accurate, although most images of them feature a yellow-stripe in between the upper blue part of the czapka and the black lower part - this is ultimately likely to just be down to the limits of the moulding process, and a good chunk of the community seem to be happy to paint such features on! You could pick up a pack of 10 through this affiliate link!

Uhlan of the Vistula Regiment

The Vistula Uhlans were a Polish cavalry regiment that served in the French army under Napoleon Bonaparte. They were part of the larger Polish group known as the Polish Legions, which was formed to support Napoleon's campaigns.

The Vistula Uhlans were named after the Vistula River, which runs through Poland, and they were renowned for their bravery and skill on the battlefield. They fought in numerous campaigns alongside French forces, including battles in Central Europe, Spain, and Russia.

One of the most notable engagements in which the Vistula Uhlans participated was the Battle of Somosierra in 1808 during the Peninsular War. In this battle, they played a crucial role in capturing the strategic pass of Somosierra, which allowed French forces to advance into Spain.

I'd expect the Vistula Ulhan above to be one of the more popular releases of this line on Aliexpress, the uniform seems accurate, again with a white stripe missing in the middle of the czapka. The cuffs are white on some images and yellow on others - aesthetically, yellow works here!

Russian Guards Uhlan

The Russian Guard Uhlans were elite cavalry regiments within the Russian Imperial Army.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the Russian Guard Uhlans participated in numerous battles and campaigns against Napoleon's forces. They fought in major engagements such as the Battle of Borodino in 1812, where they played a crucial role in repelling Napoleon's advance towards Moscow. One of the most famous actions involving the Russian Guard Uhlans was during the Battle of Leipzig in 1813, where they charged against Napoleon's forces alongside other Russian and allied troops, contributing to the eventual defeat of the French army.

What is clever about the production of this line, is that as each nation tended to follow the fashion for each type of cavalry at the time, a Ulhan uniform for each nation works really well as a recolour, as you can see from comparing the images.

Prussian Silesian Ulhan

Completing the line-up is a Prussian Silesian Ulhans, who will be an excellent addition to the current Prussian range. These were a cavalry regiment from the region of Silesia in Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars, and fought against Bonaparte.

During the hundred days campaign, they were part of the Prussian forces led by Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Bl├╝cher, and their cavalry charges played a role in the eventual defeat of Napoleon's army.

Where are the British?

It's notable that all these cavalry releases have not included any British troops. Unusually amongst the major powers, the British did not use Lancers or Ulhans during the Napoleonic Wars, and only formed their Lancers in 1816 following Waterloo where the French had used them to great effect, with them famously taking part in the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. It was hinted that British cavalry will come to this line eventually, but this is not imminent.

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